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The TimeCrafters is a Hong Kong-based classical chamber music group. The group aims to nurture classical music appreciation and rejuvenate classical chamber music performances. The TimeCrafters focuses on giving themed chamber concerts, and often they collaborate with some of the most enthusiastic young musicians in town. Through light-hearted explanations and quality performances, members are proud to provide an intimate, informative and cosy chamber music experience to the audience.

Members of The TimeCrafters graduated from world renowned conservatories, including the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Royal Academy of Music and Royal Northern College of Music. Members have collaborated  with musicians such as Yoyo Ma, Sir Simon Rattle, Sir Mark Elder, Richard Bamping and Lio Kuokman; and serve as freelance players for the Hong Kong Philharmonic, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra and Hong Kong New Music Ensemble.

The TimeCrafters had already performed multiple 20 mini-concerts last year in which some were played in China. Among these mini-concerts, different areas of interests of music and art was covered – Bach’s Influence on other composers, Expressionist and Symbolism Music, Impressionist Composers’ thoughts, Neo-Classicism Music, Beethoven’s Life and Music, Schubert’s Music Circle, Music and Nature, Music and Poetry – their performances and ideas received great feedbacks from audiences. Now they have out-reaching concerts arranged from the Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District, as the TimeCrafters’ concerts successfully induce artistic interest to audiences and can benefit the society in nurturing classical music appreciation.

Alongside the regular themed concerts and guest performances, The TimeCrafters works with Chamber Music for Life Hong Kong in sharing classical music with elderlies and the underprivileged. Some members are devoted writers and arrangers.


時 ·刻室樂是一個成立於香港的古典音樂室樂團體。該團致力培育古典音樂欣賞和振興室樂演出。時 · 刻室樂主力舉辦主題室內音樂會,並經常和本地最有熱誠的年輕音樂家合作。成員們透過輕鬆的講解和高質素的演出,向觀眾提供親切、翔實而又舒適的室樂體驗。

時 · 刻室樂的成員畢業於世界知名的音樂學院,包括市政廳音樂及戲劇學院、皇家音樂學院和皇家北方音樂學院。成員們曾經和馬友友、拉圖爵士、艾爾德爵士、鮑力卓、廖國敏等知名音樂家合作,同時亦以特約樂手的身份參與香港管弦樂團、香港小交響樂團、香港室樂團以及香港創樂團之演出。

時 · 刻室樂於去年舉行了二十多場小型音樂會,當中亦有數場於中國舉行。這些小型音樂會中涵蓋的音樂和藝術領域亦十分廣泛,例如巴赫對其他作曲家的影響、表現主義與象徵主義音樂、印象派作曲家的思想、新古典主義音樂、貝多芬的生活與音樂、舒伯特的音樂圈、音樂與自然、音樂與詩歌。時 · 刻室樂的演出和創新的音樂會主題皆獲得了觀眾的一致好評。由於時.刻室樂音樂會成功引起觀眾對藝術的興趣,且能令大眾欣賞古典音樂,有益社會,現時該團會與香港藝術節及香港西九龍文化區合辦外展音樂會。

除了定期舉辦主題音樂會和客席演出,時 · 刻室樂亦與「尚藝留聲」合作,向老年人和弱勢社群分享古典音樂。當中一些成員更負責作曲和編曲。