About Us




We are a classical music chamber ensemble of top quality musicians specialized in playing themed mini-concerts in an entertaining way. TimeCrafters is our name and our players involved freelance players for the HK Philharmonic, Sinfonietta and the HK City Chamber. We had been playing with each others for 3 years and have a tacit mutual understanding, as well as strong bond in terms of sounds.

Our vision is to enhance the classical music appreciation of the Hong Kong public and we witnessed how mini-concerts with short programmes keep the interest of the audiences thrived. We experienced how to involve audiences with guidance to appreciation and demonstrations to give them ideas about different pieces of music, the inter-connectedness of the music pieces and how to appreciate the classical music.

Our Artistic Director Mr. Ka Lap Wong had over five years of experience in promoting chamber music both in Hong Kong and England. He is also an enthusiastic promoter of the classical music appreciation project. United by the same vision, members of the TimeCrafters instilled in their music a special bonding through their extraordinary performances in the past three years.

The TimeCrafters had already performed five mini-concerts last year in a duration of four months since they were established. Their repertoires included mini-concert programme on the influence of Bach on the music of Beethoven and Mendelssohn, mini-concerts based on the themes of Impressionism and Symbolism respectively, and one that dedicated to the life of Beethoven. The concerts had received great feedbacks from the audiences.

「時 ‧ 刻室樂」(the TimeCrafters)是一個多樣化的古典室樂合奏團,為題材各異的古典音樂提供俱有素質的演繹。成員來自世界頂尖音樂學院,如市政廳音樂及戲劇學院、英國皇家音樂學院、英國皇家北音樂學院等。他們致誠舉辦小型演奏項目,期望構築聽眾與演奏之間的聯繫。

「時 ‧ 刻室樂」的成員曾與馬友友、王健、拉圖爵士、鮑力卓、梁建楓、廖國敏、吳懷世等音樂家合作;他們當中亦有不定期參與香港管弦樂團、香港小交響樂團 、城市室樂團及香港創樂團的演出。但他們更喜愛在親切緊密的環境下分享音樂,因此共同携手踏上這個音樂旅程。

音樂會的選曲經過精心策劃,為每一場演奏定下特定的主題。「時 ‧ 刻室樂」期望與聽眾一起探索作曲家的生平與理想,同時涉獵他們的內心感情與秘密。他們曾以「第二維也納樂派作曲家」、「巴赫的漣漪」、「(非)印象音樂」為題為小型音樂會演出,大獲好評。另外亦曾於上環文娛中心劇院演出關於貝多芬一生的音樂會,受到了網上音樂平台《撰樂》及《樂人谷》青睞。