About Us


We are a classical music chamber ensemble of top quality musicians specialized in playing themed mini-concerts in an entertaining way. TimeCrafters is our name and our players involved freelance players for the HK Philharmonic, Sinfonietta and the HK City Chamber. We had been playing with others for 3 years and have a tacit mutual understanding with each other, as well as a strong bond in sounds and styles.

Our vision is to enhance the classical music appreciation of the Hong Kong public and we witnessed how mini-concerts with short programmes keep the interest of the audiences thrived. We experienced how to involve audiences with audio guidance and demonstrations to give them ideas about different pieces of music, the inter-connectedness of the music pieces and how to appreciate the classical music.

The TimeCrafters is led by Mr. Ka Lap WONG, the Artistic Director, who had over five years of experience in promoting chamber music both in Hong Kong and England. He is also an enthusiastic promoter of the classical music appreciation project. United by the same vision, members of the TimeCrafters instilled in their music a special bonding through their extraordinary performances in the past three years.

The TimeCrafters had already performed five mini-concerts last year in a duration of four months since they were established. Their repertoires included mini-concert programme on the influence of Bach on the music of Beethoven and Mendelssohn, mini-concerts based on the themes of Impressionism and Symbolism respectively, and one that dedicated to the life of Beethoven. The concerts had received great feedbacks from the audiences.

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