Mini-Concert Series

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

Ludwig van Beethoven


Phrase Series

Phrase Series bring audience the experience of music from a particular era or period, so audiences can learn and understand the social background of that particular era and the artistic influences behind the composers and their works. Our last mini-concert in 2016 “(Not) Impressionism” was about the two “Impressionist” composer Ravel and Debussy and how their conceived their styles!


(The Timecrafters playing the Ravel String Quartet)


Dedication Series

We love our composers who gave their lives into writing such fabulous masterworks, and we would also love to dedicate some of our concerts to individual composers. Audiences can learn about the composer’s life, mentality and psychology, concept of space and time, artistic and educational background, as well as the changes in them throughout their living years, by experiencing our carefully-designed programmes.

Our concert in the Theater in Sheung Wan Civic Centre last December is dedicated to Ludwig van Beethoven, with three works spanning his lifetime describing his musical background, internal struggles and hopes.


(The TimeCrafters sharing with the audience Beethoven’s early life)


Explorer Series

Sometimes there are certain composers, specific musical forms, composing techniques or individual movements that we forget or don’t come across very often. We love to explore these kinds of music and let the audience have a different perspective onthese forgotten corners of classical music!  Our very first min- concert was about the era between late Romanticism and 20th Century Serialism music – the audience loved it!



(The TimeCrafters showcasing Spider in the Concert In Harmony with Nature)


Fanaticism Series

Composers sometimes are fascinated by other composers or other art-forms. We believe that if we can bring these secret links to the audience, they can have an insight of the connection between one piece of music and another. One of our mini-concerts was about Bach and his influences in later music. The audiences loved it as well and urged us to have others planned!


(The TimeCrafters playing Beethoven’s String Quartet op.132 showing his late love for Bach)


Silence Series

Some pieces are about silences and space. We think it will be great if we can instead create concerts that focus on the magic of how silence interacts with space. However we are yet to experiment on this. If you are interested in this experiment please do not hesitate to contact us!


Bond Series

Some composers are friends and they copy and learn from each other. As a result some of their works are actually very similar but with different characters. Inside these music we can see the friendship between the composers as well as their bonds! Our first mini-concert “The End of a Romance” actually talked about the trio of composersSchoenberg, Webern and Berg in the second Viennese School.


Elixir Series

Some music is created for the composers to relieve their mood or losses. Sometimes we do too – we have emotional breakdowns or psychological uncertainties and other problems. We think music can touch the world of minds and emotions and help the audience get through the bad times, as well as getting back on track!