Stephen Hung


鋼琴家熊韋皓擅長彈奏巴哈的作品,曾多次於香港、倫敦、以及德國的城鎮演出,亦曾與香港室樂團及香港醫學會管弦樂團合作演奏巴哈的鋼琴協奏曲。彈琴以外,熊氏亦涉足學術上的研究,例如他於英國皇家音樂學院就讀時所寫的碩士論文就取題於編曲的技巧,畢業至今已陸續將四首原為管風琴寫的前奏與賦格曲改編予鋼琴獨奏之用。於寫作方面,熊氏則分別為皇家音樂學院、皇家音樂學院香港校友會、青少年音樂家系列及卓然音樂著有大量的曲目介紹,並有為香港網頁 Gooclass 寫專欄。熊氏於鋼琴上師隨 Daniel-Ben Pienaar、Colin Stone、許寧、黃穎瀛及羅培嘉,並曾學習管風琴、古鍵琴及小提琴。


Pianist Stephen Hung has played Bach recitals in London, Hong Kong and various towns in Germany. He has played concertos such as the Bach D minor and D major and Beethoven’s ‘Emperor’ with the Hong Kong Chamber Orchestra and the Hong Kong Medical Association Orchestra.

Hung graduated from London’s Royal Academy of Music with a master’s degree dissertation on transcriptions. Since then he has amassed a growing portfolio of new piano transcriptions including the organ preludes and fugues in E minor (the “Wedge”), E-flat major (“St Anne”), B minor and A minor, and the chaconne from the D minor violin partita.

Apart from the piano, Hung is a freelance writer and wrote programme notes for the Royal Academy’s Free on Fridays series, the 2014 Cantata Series, and Vantage Music’s Opus Medtner series. He is also a columnist for the Hong Kong-run website Gooclass.

Hung’s previous piano teachers include Daniel-Ben Pienaar, Colin Stone, Hui Ling, Genevieve Wong and Law Pui Gar. He also plays the organ, the harpsichord and the violin.